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Rock Trenching

Rock Trenching

NDD have a selection of trenchers able to cut various widths, to fit small and large diameter pipelines in residential, industrial and commercial areas.

Rock trenching is gaining a reputation as the smart alternative to the often dangerous rock blasting method.
Unlike rock blasting, trenching is a cleaner, more controlled and faster method of cutting through rock. The crushed rock by-product caused by trenching can often be re-used as back fill, which saves both time and money in waste removal.
Rock trenching produces a much neater trench and less disturbance of the ground and surrounding environment, which allows rock trenchers to be used near roads and other utilities.

Our trenchers:

  • Are more time efficient than excavators
  • Are highly mobile and can easily navigate residential areas
  • Have excellent depth and width accuracy
  • Can cleanly remove soil


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