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Case Bore | Auger Bore | Pipe Jacking

Case Bore | Auger Bore | Pipe Jacking

Case boring, auger boring or pipe jacking is a fantastic solution for sewer, water, gas, electrical and communications.

Case boring is a method of horizontal boring where a steel casing or sleeve is installed at the same time as it is bored utlising a minimal over cut and removal of spoil material from the face via the sleeve and augers which run the inside of the sleeve. This makes it an extremely effective method of boring under roads and sensitive areas as there is no displacement of spoil material. (There is no upward thrust).

This method also has many advantages:

  • Being environmentally friendly, as the spoil material is in dry form and not liquid form which keeps waste to a minimum.
  • Being a safe option with depths greater than 1.5m the footprint remains minimal and is restricted to entry and exist pits where adequate storing can be utilised.
  • The other advantage is that boring can still be achieved through different ground conditions including rock and soft soil, where a vacuum boring method would struggle, case boring could succeed.

Boring sizes 300 to 1,350


All bore’s set out by GPS and are GPS logged.